Scary Maze Game History

The Scary Maze is a popular scare prank game that can be played by kids as well as adults. It is a flash-based puzzle game that requires high level of concentration to reach the end of the maze. You do not have to touch the walls of the maze while reaching your goal. If you touch the boundary of the wall by mistake, then you will be redirected again to the first level of the game. Once you successfully complete a couple of levels in the beginning, the maze keeps getting narrower. This makes the entire game an engrossing one.

Also, after a couple of levels, if you touch the boundary of the maze wall, you will get a close-up image of a ghastly looking woman and an audio clip of an extremely loud scream. This is the scariest part of the game that makes it one of the most popular and fun online game.

scary maze history

The close-up picture of the frightening women is actually the picture of the character of the 1973 horror movie, “The Exorcist.” The character of the movie is Regan McNeil, a little girl who was possessed by satanic spirits. This character in the movie was played by Linda Blair an American actress.

The Creator

Created and developed by Jeremy Winterrowd in the year 2003, the Scary Maze game has made innumerable number of people scared. The game has inspired so many online gamers that they have even posted their scary prank reaction videos on websites like YouTube.

The Scary Maze game was created with the main purpose to prank others. The motive of the developer was to trick others into playing a seemingly easy game and prank them to get scared in the end. The original game created by Jeremy Winterrowd was initially played at his own website. However, now it can be enjoyed at a number of other websites and social media sites.

In these years, the game has gained such a lot of popularity that it is the most shared flash game on Facebook. Statistics show that every 1 out of 10 people on Facebook have shared the Scary Maze game. So, get ready to prank your friends with the amazing Scary Maze game. Send your friends this link – and… wait until they call you screaming !

Real Life Mazes

There are many “maze parks” around the world. CNN posted a really interesting article about some of them. I also found a report about a family that got lost in one of these mazes – here it is:


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