Pandemic 5

Pandemic 5 is amongst one of the exciting strategy games with lots of new features for players. The player has to modify his disease and spread it all over and kill human lives. The gaming options and interface is phenomenal and players get the intention to play the game again and again.

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Players can team up and each team can have 2 to 4 players and an additional character. Players have the choice to choose any mode of play, disease, symptom and the regions. With realistic and relaxed modes of plays, players choose modes based on their experience in pandemic games. It is difficult for any beginner to start with realistic games as it is difficult to evolve and spread diseases and gain evolution points. Players need to kill all human in the globe to take a win. Game doesn’t proceed when players do not kill even a single human with the spread of the disease and players lose the game.

Getting Into Gaming Options And Play

Players can choose any mode of play realistic or relaxed mode. The objective of players is to kill everyone and win the game. The important thing is that players need to keep the visibility of virus low so that the government doesn’t create any panic and save humans. In some cases, even if there is no visibility of virus, death in other areas can make Governments give protection to certain regions. The news headlines can be of great help to any player in the game.

Spreading a disease is not so simple for the players. People can travel across borders, take planes or boats to relocate. When there is panic for diseases, they do so and the work of killing people extends. Getting evolution points is also challenging for players in this case. Players need to know when to buy or sell symptoms of diseases. The same holds for purchase of resistances and transmissions in the disease. Players can open the disease window and click the symptom and choose the resistance and transmission. A screen is opened after the player makes the selection and the symptom, its description, effect and cost of selling and buying are displayed. Only players with required evolution points can buy the symptoms. Once bought, the symptoms mix with the existing disease.

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Players need to aware of all news headlines and keep on tracking different events in regions so that it is easy to evolve. The choice of disease class is left to player between virus, bacteria and parasite depending on their level of expertise in the game. Resistance can be heat, cold, drug or moisture. Diseases are transmitted through water, air, insects or rodents based on the events and region status.

Players can look into their progress in the game by going through different regions. It is important to look at the lethality, infectivity and visibility of diseases so that players can use better ideas on attacking humans. With lots of options available to know about various aspects of regions, it is tricky for players to destruct region by region. Only when humans in all regions are dead with the attack of diseases players can win in the game.

A number of websites provide Pandemic 5 games for free. It is great to be associated with these games online and play in great style.

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