Games Like Pandemic

Pandemic is one of the original games that got many hooked on to the doomsday kind of simulation games. After Pandemic 1 and 2, Pandemic 2.5 was opened for iOS users only with some improved UI and graphics. There are more games like Pandemic which has caught the fancy of players worldwide who like to go guns blazing on the virtual gaming world. There are many games which follow the lines of Pandemic closely to get players to spread the disease and wipe out humanity in a single game. One such game is the Plague Inc, which is a flash based game that works well on both iOS and Android platforms.


This strategy game gives you a chance to play against the whole world. It needs a good amount of developing strategies and adapting them as the opposition comes up with new plans. Evolution and adaptability are essentials to succeed in this game. You can win the game only when the last person on the world has been killed by your deadly disease.


Disease Attributes

The disease you are spreading is basically defined by the three attributes – Severity, Lethality and infectivity.

Infectivity – A higher infectivity rating means that your disease can spread effortlessly and the transmission times are small.

Severity – this attribute denotes the severity of symptoms associated with the disease. You can choose the symptoms from a long list available.

Lethality – this attribute gives knowledge on how deadly the disease is and how easily it can kill an infected person.


Spreading & Evolution Of Your Disease

To get your disease transmitted, you need to work out strategies. It is usually much easier to spread the disease within a country. The disease can be spread between different countries when you buy transmission evolutions using your accumulated DNA points.


What To Watch out for

When your disease mutates, you will get a chance to acquire free upgrades. You should always keep a look out on the news section of the game. You should always keep a note on the disease attributes. It is essential to keep a low profile a.k.a low visibility and low lethality until you can transmit your disease all over the world as it will give you a long time before a cure is developed. You can monitor the progress made by humans and evolve the resistances and abilities of your disease accordingly.


Deadly neighbors 2


Another game that lures a number of players with its pandemic like a feature is Deadly neighbors.



It is common for everyone to face some sort of problems from their neighbors. Reasons for dispute vary and solving it in a peaceful manner is only for chumps. Objective of the game is to challenge your neighbors by customizing looks of your family members and build their skill levels and eventually to become a Badass Family.


What To look at for

Make your mode throughout the neighborhood combating all of the mean family in your neighborhood. Smart move is important for every turn by turn.


Mutant Fighting Cup


Mutant fighting cup is another impressive pandemic like defense game.



In Mutant Fighting Cup you have to produce and alter your pet animal to battle through the phase and turn into World Mutant Fighting Champion! Pick from a collection of pitch positioned all over globe! Alter your mutant’s genetic code with astonishing permutations, and become the definitive combatant in this splendid turn-based game!

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