Pandemic 4

Pandemic 4 is an interesting board game preferred by many people. It is a thrilling game with strategies. The game involves players working together in destructing the spread of a disease and saving a region and world from the attack of viruses and other germs. It is also like player as a strain of virus has to kill as many as possible. It’s a popular choice in family games as members in the family take different characters and the game is about playing with the strength of each character.

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Gaming Interface

The gaming screen has lots and lots of options to help players. Players can check out the menu button to toggle music, start games or search for the gaming guide. There is an option to view the world in the screen. There is also a separate screen that shows the evolution of the virus in different parts of the world. The speed of the game can be controlled by the player and players can know the evolution points they have in the game.

The game is very much realistic as there is a clock showing the time, date, month and year. There is a mini map that allows players to navigate all over the globe. Notifications and news panels are excellent and players take complete involvement in the games. Airport, boat, plane, hospital, shipyard and water plant are some of the key components in the game.

In the disease evolution screen, the player can view the name of the disease, symptoms that are available for purchase and the ones that have been sold, access to different symptoms, evolution points, existing transmissions and resistance, the lethality, visibility and infectivity of the diseases. In the world screen, players can know about vaccinations, regions with and without infection, regions without human life and more information about development and deployment of different vaccines. Players can go through information about specific regions in a separate screen. The afflictions, government activities, population, status of the region and infrastructure are displayed.

Pause and start button guide players and players can exit from any level of play and can check out the gaming guide. Players can know updates of infections in any part of the world. Even in case of any natural disaster in the region, players get notification. It is use to navigate using mouse buttons and the game is much exciting.


Modes Of Play

Players can choose between two modes of play namely realistic mode and relaxed mode. The difference between the games is the option to save and not save the progress of any disease. Realistic games extend up to 60 minutes or even more whereas relaxed games can take only 20 minutes. Relaxed mode of play is preferred and is suitable for beginners to pandemic 4. Only intermediate or expert players can get through the realistic mode of play.

Pandemic 4 is all about evolving, spreading and killing. Using different means of travel, diseases can be evolved and spread and diseases can be chosen by players along with the symptoms. More than luck, the game involves powerful thinking to get through much easily. It looks much sensible to play with full interest. This game is open to players with or above 10 years of age. With online websites delivering Pandemic 4 games, it is easy for families to spend their time in groups and have great fun.


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